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VIM VIXEN, the go-to online store for fashionable women’s clothing & shoes has teamed up with Multi-Platinum recording artist, actress, talk show host, entrepreneur, wife & mother- Remy Ma.  Today, October 24, 2018 marks the official unveiling of the Remy Ma by Vim Vixen collection! “I’m really excited about this collection with VIM VIXEN, not only because it has my name on it and that the collection is fly. But because of what it stands for,” states the “All The Way Up” rapper preparing for the release of her sophomore album “7 Winters and 6 Summers”. “V.I.M is a NY born brand, created originally for the people of NY, reflecting the swag that organically came from there - just like me.  Now they’re spreading that swag across the world with and the new Remy Ma by Vim Vixen collection.”
“Whether walking down the streets of her hometown The Bronx or strolling the Red Carpet, Remy has an amazing style and versatility to dress for any occasion,” says V.I.M Director of Marketing & Advertising Michael LaSalle. “With her continued success in music, Remy Ma is expanding her brand by partnering with Vim Vixen to bring her signature fashion line to life.” 
In addition to the release of this collection, proceeds of the sales will be donated to the Remy Ma Foundation, her charitable organization which provide opportunities and resources to enhance the lives of women who have experienced incarceration. “I’m proud of this collaboration because it stands up for all women - especially women like me who were released.  The ones released from the prison system with a second chance but no start over point,” Remy Ma states. “For the ones who were never given any chances in life, but still make a way, every day.  This is for you! RMF will provide a network that plugs women directly into a strategic network of support and elevation to help them to keep going, to keep dreaming, to keep fighting for themselves and their families.  Moreover to keep loving themselves - flaws, imperfections and all -  because that’s their magic.” 
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Our Mission at Remy Ma Foundation (RMF) is to provide opportunities and resources that are life-long, to enhance the lives of women who have experienced incarceration.  Though many of these women have endured traumatic experiences, our goal is to create a network of support that drives and inspires the development of healthy and confident mindsets.  Through RMF, these women have access to counseling, strategies and assistance with challenges associated with homelessness, job training, legal aid, and a variety of other resources designed to help them make informed decisions to move toward living more productive and contributory lives. RMF cares for and equips our mothers, sisters, and daughters with the tools and support systems needed for empowerment and success for themselves and their future generations.
For More Info - please visit The Remy Ma Foundation